Halls of Fabrication – New Info on ESO Morrowind Trial

Bethesda have published a new blog post, detailing the Halls of Fabrication trial. We knew very little about the ESO Morrowind trial before, mostly about the setting. Now we finally have something to chew on until the expansion is released.

halls of fabrication new info eso morrowind trial

First, the story: there’s a magical rift somewhere that is being used by certain automata to invade Vvardenfell. You and a group of hardy adventurers will have to enter the rift, get to the Clockwork City and raid the Assembly General in order to stop the threat. You won’t be alone in this – there will be an NPC guide helping you along the way, and it’s none other than Divayth Fyr!

The famous sorcerer will accompany you through the Halls of Fabrication, hinting at possible solutions to challenges you find inside. And there will be lots of them, from dealing with the Fabricants, to avoiding traps and defeating bosses. Sadly, we already know your efforts won’t really stop the Fabricant threat (the ugly things will rear their heads again 700 years later, in TES3).

The devs are claiming this trial will be completely different from anything you’ve seen in ESO before. It will require a lot of teamwork, coordination, people able and willing to fill certain roles (they mention you’ll need two tanks in your group), and of course, time. The dungeon will be filled to the brim with traps, from shock panels to spinning blades.

There will be five bosses in the trial, with less enemies between them than usual. Each boss will have its own set of mechanics you’ll have to learn and overcome, but getting from one to another will require less time.

As for the rewards, the biggest thing are the four armor sets you’ll be able to get. You can also expect unique furnishings, a new skin, crafting plans and unique materials. A bunch of achievements will be added as well – one of them rewarding you if you beat the Trial in less than 40 minutes, without dying, on Veteran Hard difficulty. That’ll earn you some bragging rights.

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