ESO Morrowind Best XP Farming Spots – How To Level Up Fast

If you want to level up fast in ESO Morrowind, you’ll have to farm a bit. There are certain spots which give the best results. These spots are the best for leveling up fast, especially if you are starting your ESO journey in Vvardenfell. The method relies on experience points from killing enemies. This guide will show you ESO Morrowind best XP farming spots in Vvardenfell.

Best EXP farming spot in Vvardenfell

The best location we’ve found so far is located inside (surprise, surprise) the Forgotten Wastes public dungeon. This dungeon is in northern Vvardenfell, west from the Valley of the Wind wayshrine and the Zergonipal crafting station. Although this place is crawling with enemies, the perfect spot is a bit deeper.

To reach the best farming spot in the Forgotten Wastes public dungeon, follow the path south from the starting zone. Go through the door that leads to Kora Dur. When you’re in the next area, head to the northern part of it. It leads to the Caverns of Kogoruhn – the best farming location. You can also pick up a skyshard here, and kill two bosses for the Conqueror achievement.

Once you’re in the Caverns of Kogoruhn, head to the lowest level. This is your prime spot. There are four group of enemies here, with another two on the southern balcony. These six groups are ideal for farming experience points. The first group you kill will re-spawn just as you’re finished with the sixth one. Pick one at the far end, kill it and move in circles.


  • Fast and furious leveling.
  • Group of mobs gives from 300 to 2000 experience.
  • Killing all six groups takes around sixty seconds and awards from 1800 to 5000 experience points.
  • Enemies here drop Sixth House recipe fragments. You can combine all seven pieces for the Sixth House Robe Costume.
  • No matter how well equipped or leveled-up, if you have one more person, both of you can farm them all easily.
  • If you become bored of this one spot, the groups on the path above the ground level are also decent prey.
  • The two bosses in the rooms nearby have increased chance of dropping better gear and items.
  • There are heavy sacks, backpacks and other lootable items in the area, that also re-spawn regularly. They give interesting items, including Sixth House recipe fragments.


  • In order to get the most experience, you’ll need some decent AoE spells.
  • If there is a large group of people farming this spot, you might have some issues with spawning times.
  • If you are at a low level, with no good spells and bad equipment, the group becomes almost too hard for soloing.
  • If you are on an experience rush, doing this without a repair kit will make your gear unusable soon enough.
  • Places like this often get patched and nerfed relatively quickly.

If you are thinking of going into Nchuleftingth, the other public dungeon, which is located in southeastern Vvardenfell, you can also find decent farming spots in there. Some of the groups there are pretty strong. For some reason, we haven’t found that much players in there. Although, this instance has the most beautiful and challenging group event.

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