ESO Morrowind Lost Library Quest – Ancestor Spirit Answers

Lost Library is one of the quests in ESO Morrowind. It stars only after you bring all 30 ancestral tomb rubbings to librarian Bradyn in the Library of Vivec. He’ll send you to find the lost library of Andule, east of Red Mountain, and bring him several important tomes from it. Once there, you’ll have to solve several puzzles in order to get the books. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to solve ESO Morrowind Lost Library quest, how to complete the Daedric tile puzzle and which answers to give to ancestor spirit questions.

Lost library of Andule location

The Library of Vivec can be found below the temple in Vivec. After you give Bradyn all of the rubbings you got in the ancestral tombs, he’ll show you the approximate location of the library of Andule. It’s between the Red Mountain and the archipelago that surrounds Sadrith Mora.

Daedric Tile Puzzle

The first problem you’ll be faced once inside is the Daedric tile puzzle. In order to light the three braziers, you’ll have to complete this challenge. It’s fairly easy – there are three plates with Daedric sigils on them right outside the puzzle room. The sigils are Daedric letters S (looks like a lighting bolt), E (like a reverse letter S) and M (which looks like M). Once you enter the puzzle room, you should step only on tiles with any of these three signs.

When you step on or near the wrong tile, you’ll be teleported back to the entrance. Make your way through the hall stepping only on the three correct signs and light the sigils. Once they’re lit, go and read the four books in the small room. If you don’t want to memorize stuff about the great houses, you don’t have to actually read them – just skim them and skip to the next part of our walkthrough.

Ancestor Spirit Answers

You’ll need to talk to each of the four ancestor spirit to get access to their vaults. Each will ask questions about his or her house, and if you answer them correctly, you’ll be allowed inside, where the tomes are. Here are the answers you need to pick:

Indoril Ancestor Spirit

  1. Religion.
  2. Be preserved at all costs.
  3. Outsiders may visit, but they must always be watched carefully.

Dres Ancestor Spirit

  1. House Dres holds slavery to be their sacred right and duty.
  2. Because Dres feeds Morrowind with its agricultural might.
  3. Dres believes Dunmer should keep to themselves and focus on improving Morrowind.

Hlaalu Ancestor Spirit

  1. Suceed at business and turn a tidy profit.
  2. Compromise while always seekingto obtain the best possible deal.
  3. Acknowledge Dunmer culture, but adapt as necessary to succeed.

Redoran Ancestor Spirit

  1. To fulfill your duty and maintain your honor.
  2. We must accept and endure the harshness of life.
  3. The way of the warrior.

Once you’ve got all four, you just need to pick up the Telvanni genealogy, but that one isn’t guarded. Just walk up to it and pick it up. Return them all to Librarian Bradyn in Vivec, and he’ll reward you with a piece of armor and a scale replica of the model of Vvardenfell he keeps in the library. It’s a piece of furniture, so you can use it to decorate your own house if you like.

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