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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Moons Over Grimwatch39Reaper's March
Prisoner Dilemma39The Lion's Den
Song of the Spinner39The Vile Manse
Soul Harvest39The Rift
The Arbordawn Cult39Reaper's March
The Charge of Evermore39Bangkorai
The Farmer's Champion39The Rift
The First Step39Reaper's March
The Golden Claw39Reaper's March
The Waking Darkness39Bangkorai
The Waking Dreamer39The Vile Manse
Through the Shroud39The Rift
To Honor the Fallen39Reaper's March
To Nimalten39The Rift
To Saifa in Rawl'kha39Reaper's March
A Favor Between Kings40Bangkorai
A Grave Situation40The Rift
A Night to Forget40Reaper's March
Baan Dar's Bash40Reaper's March
Baan Dar's Boast40Reaper's March
Back in Time40Bangkorai
Blood Upon the Soil40The Rift
Box of Riddles40Reaper's March
Calling Hakra40The Rift
Desecrated Ground40Reaper's March
Drinking Game40The Rift
Fierce Beasts of Ivarstead40The Rift
Finding Winter's Hammer40The Rift
Fires of Battle40Blessed CrucibleGroup Dungeon
Geirmund's Guardian40The Rift
Geirmund's Oath40The Rift
History's Song40Reaper's March
Into the Outside40The Rift
Jumping Ship40Blackheart HavenGroup Dungeon
Knowledge Gained40Selene's WebGroup Dungeon
Motes in the Moonlight40Reaper's March
News on the Garrison40Bangkorai
Pinepeak Caverns40The Rift
Present in Memory40Bangkorai
Problems Into Profit40The Rift
Publish or Perish40Bangkorai
Questionable Contract40Reaper's March
Raiders at the Crossing40Bangkorai
Rendezvous at the Pass40Bangkorai
Report to Evermore40Bangkorai
Research Subject40The Rift
Returning Winter's Bite40The Rift
Save Your Voice40The Rift
Searching for the Searchers40Bangkorai
Shadow of Sancre Tor40Sancre TorMain Story