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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Rising Against Onsi's Breath42Bangkorai
River of Names42The Rift
Securing the Pass42The Rift
Stomping Sinmur42The Rift
Striking Back42Bangkorai
The Champion Division42Reaper's March
The Fires of Dune42Reaper's March
The Shards of Wuuthrad42The Rift
The Sorcerer Division42Reaper's March
The Summoner Division42Reaper's March
The Swordmaster Division42Reaper's March
The Thunder Breaks42The Rift
Those She Devours42The Rift
To the King42The Rift
To Walk on Far Shores42Bangkorai
Trials and Tribulations42Bangkorai
Worm Cult Summoner42The Rift
A Ritual in Smokefrost Peaks43The Rift
A Ritual in the Ragged Hills43The Rift
Lost Companions43The Rift
Messages Across Tamriel43StirkMain Story
Ritual at the Dragonshrine43The Rift
The Den of Lorkhaj43Reaper's March
The Mad God's Bargain43Mage/Fighter Guild
The Moonlit Path43Reaper's March
The Weight of Three Crowns43StirkMain Story
Will of the Council43Mage/Fighter Guild
The Library of Dusk44Coldharbour
The Lost Lute44Coldharbour
Through the Daedric Lens44Coldharbour
Truth, Lies, and Prisoners44Coldharbour
An Unusual Circumstance45Coldharbour
Council of the Five Companions45The HarborageMain Story
Holes in the World45Village of the Lost
Into the Woods45Coldharbour
Saving Stibbons45Coldharbour
Soul Survivors45Village of the Lost
The Shadow's Embrace45Coldharbour
A Misplaced Pendant46Coldharbour
Hall of Judgment46Coldharbour
Light from the Darkness46Coldharbour
News of Fallen Kin46Coldharbour
The Soul-Meld Mage46Coldharbour
Wisdom of the Ages46Coldharbour
A Bargain With Shadows47Coldharbour
A Thorn in Your Side47Coldharbour
Mind of Madness47Vaults of MadnessGroup Dungeon
Special Blend47Coldharbour
The Endless War47Coldharbour
The Will of the Worm47Coldharbour