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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Shroud Hearth Barrow40The Rift
Storming the Garrison40Bangkorai
The Covenant Infiltrator40Razak's Wheel
The Heart of the Beast40Bangkorai
The Mystery of Razak40Razak's Wheel
The Prince's Health40Bangkorai
To Pinepeak Caverns40The Rift
To Taarengrav40The Rift
Tomb Beneath the Mountain40The Rift
Trial of the Body40The Rift
Trial of the Mind40The Rift
Trial of the Spirit40The Rift
A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks41The Rift
A Handful of Stolen Dreams41Bangkorai
A Marriage in Ruins41Bangkorai
A Thirst for Revolution41Bangkorai
A Token Trophy41Bangkorai
A Traitor's Luck41Reaper's March
An Affront to Mara41Reaper's March
Ezzag's Bandits41Reaper's March
Guard the Knowledge41The Rift
Hallin's Burden41Bangkorai
Haunting of Kalari41Reaper's March
Honrich Tower41The Rift
In His Wake41The Rift
Loose Ends41Reaper's March
Prisoners of the Sphinx41Reaper's March
Pulled Under41The Rift
Rat Problems41Reaper's March
Scavenging for a Scarab41Bangkorai
Shattered Hopes41The Rift
Small Town Problems41Reaper's March
Soldier Down41The Rift
Song of Awakening41The Rift
Test of Faith41Reaper's March
The Lion's Den41Bangkorai
The Returned41Bangkorai
The Shifting Sands of Fate41Bangkorai
To Aid the Enemy41Bangkorai
To Honrich Tower41The Rift
Tongues of Stone41Bangkorai
Urenenya's Lament41Bangkorai
A Diamond in the Root42The Rift
A Foot in the Door42Reaper's March
A Walk Above the Clouds42The Rift
Approaching Thunder42The Rift
Beneath the Surface42The Rift
Imperial Curiosity42Bangkorai
Names of the Fallen42The Rift
Over the Edge42Reaper's March