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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▲
Take Me Home15Auridon
Bounty: Shadowed Path50Cyrodiil
A Woman Wronged21Stormhaven
This One's a Classic15Stonefalls
House and Home32Malabal Tor
Fortune in Failure14Glenumbra
Bounty: Goblins50Cyrodiil
A Ransom for Miranda20Stormhaven
Outside Interference28Shadowfen
One Fell Swoop32Malabal Tor
The Dagger's Edge8Glenumbra
Bounty: Black Daggers50Cyrodiil
The Debt Collector's Debts20Stormhaven
Divine Favor13Stonefalls
The Unkindest Cut32Malabal Tor
The Golden Claw39Reaper's March
Bounty: Gray Vipers50Cyrodiil
A Gang of Thugs20Stormhaven
Deep Disturbance30Shadowfen
Enemy of My Enemy37Malabal Tor
An Offering39Reaper's March
Bounty: Shadowed Path50Cyrodiil
Can't Leave Without Her16Stormhaven
Nothing Left to Waste18Deshaan
Sounds of Alarm33Eastmarch
Bounty: Goblins50Cyrodiil
The Signet Ring20Stormhaven
Plague Bringer18Deshaan
A Tangled Net37Malabal Tor
A Final Request21Stormhaven
Bounty: Black Daggers50Cyrodiil
Evidence Against Adima21Stormhaven
Scales of Retribution30Shadowfen
A Walk Above the Clouds42The Rift
Timberscar Troubles50Cyrodiil
Bounty: Gray Vipers50Cyrodiil
Saving Hosni21Stormhaven
What Happened at Murkwater30Shadowfen
Soul Survivors45Village of the Lost
Bounty: Shadowed Path50Cyrodiil
Azura's Relics23Stormhaven
The Fall of Faolchu11Glenumbra
Missing in the Mire30Shadowfen
Holes in the World45Village of the Lost
Bounty: Goblins50Cyrodiil
Plowshares to Swords23Stormhaven
Bath Time35Eastmarch
The Dark Mane37Malabal Tor