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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
A Favor Between Kings40Bangkorai
Fortune and Opportunity30Bangkorai
The Will of the Woods37Bangkorai
Imperial Infiltration37Bangkorai
Leading the Stand37Bangkorai
Back in Time40Bangkorai
The Parley38Bangkorai
Rising Against Onsi's Breath42Bangkorai
Beyond the Call37Bangkorai
Raiders at the Crossing40Bangkorai
Tongues of Stone41Bangkorai
The Charge of Evermore39Bangkorai
Present in Memory40Bangkorai
Storming the Garrison40Bangkorai
The Shifting Sands of Fate41Bangkorai
Urenenya's Lament41Bangkorai
Salt of the Earth6Bal Foyen
If By Sea6Bal Foyen
Finding the Family6Bal Foyen
Zeren in Peril6Bal Foyen
Breaking the Tide6Bal Foyen
Unorthodox Tactics6Bal Foyen
Crossroads6Bal Foyen
Warning Davon's Watch4Bal Foyen
The Bard of Hounds6Bal Foyen
Season of Harvest5Bad Man's Hallows
Can't Take It With Them5Bad Man's Hallows
New in Town4Auridon
Breaking the Barrier15Auridon
Sever All Ties15Auridon
Plague of Phaer7Auridon
The First Patient7Auridon
Depths of Madness8Auridon
Silent Village10Auridon
A Village Awakened10Auridon
Putting the Pieces Together9Auridon
One of the Undaunted12Auridon
The Unveiling9Auridon
The Wayward Dagger14Auridon
Blessings of the Eight13Auridon
Relic Rescue13Auridon
Eye Spy14Auridon
The Veiled Choice12Auridon
Preventative Measure12Auridon
Harsh Lesson13Auridon
Lifting the Veil11Auridon
Wearing the Veil11Auridon
Eye of the Ancients14Auridon
The Veil Falls11Auridon
Faith in the Family14Auridon