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Quest Name ▼ Level ▲ Zone ▼ Type ▼
More Important Than Ever12
The Veiled Choice12Auridon
The Ghosts of Westtry12Glenumbra
Preventative Measure12Auridon
Memento Mori12Glenumbra
Wicked Trade12Glenumbra
One of the Undaunted12Stonefalls
Wyrd and Coven12Glenumbra
Crocodile Bounty12Glenumbra
Through the Ashes12Auridon
To Firsthold12Auridon
Kings of the Grotto12Fungal GrottoGroup Dungeon
Deadly Whispers12SpindleclutchGroup Dungeon
Final Blows12Auridon
Breaking Fort Virak12Stonefalls
Evening the Odds12Stonefalls
The General's Demise12Stonefalls
City at the Spire12Stonefalls
The Curse of Heimlyn Keep12Stonefalls
What Was Done Must Be Undone12Stonefalls
One of the Undaunted12Glenumbra
Banishing the Banished12The Banished CellsGroup Dungeon
Garments by Odei12Glenumbra
Keeping the Peace11
Ear to the Ground11
Enlightenment Needs Salt11Stonefalls
Lifting the Veil11Auridon
Wearing the Veil11Auridon
The White Mask of Merien11Glenumbra
Fine Spider Silk11
Cutting Off the Source11Glenumbra
The Veil Falls11Auridon
Rally Cry11Glenumbra
To Dawnbreak11Auridon
Stem the Tide11Stonefalls
Work Report11
A Higher Priority11Stonefalls
Missive to the Queen11Auridon
Protecting the Hall11Stonefalls
The Racer11Auridon
Kinsman's Revenge11Stonefalls
Assisting the Assistant11Auridon
A Lingering Hope11Glenumbra
Hunting Invaders11Stonefalls
A Storm Broken11Stonefalls
A Brush With Death11Glenumbra
The Fall of Faolchu11Glenumbra
The Mallari-Mora11Auridon
An Act of Kindness11Auridon
Retaking Camlorn11Glenumbra