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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▲
The Will of the Woods37Bangkorai
King Aphren's Sword23Stormhaven
Cultural Exchange19Deshaan
Our Poor Town35Eastmarch
Retaking the Pass30Greenshade
The Wandering Minstrel17Grahtwood
Gift from a Suitor22Stormhaven
Mastering the Talisman13Glenumbra
Motive for Heresy24Deshaan
Nature's Accord34Eastmarch
Prove Your Worth6Betnikh
The Lightless Remnant30Rivenspire
The Agreement15Sia Ebony Mine
Imperial Infiltration37Bangkorai
Cracking the Egg26Shadowfen
Silsailen Rescue5Auridon
A Lasting Winter23Grahtwood
Abominations from Beyond21Stormhaven
Leading the Stand37Bangkorai
Mercenaries Astray31Zehtswater Cave
Teldur's End5Auridon
Back to Skywatch15Auridon
Back in Time40Bangkorai
Curse of Skulls21Stormhaven
Werewolves to the North8Glenumbra
The Seal of Three21Deshaan
Real Marines5Auridon
The Fires of Dune42Reaper's March
The Emerald Chalice29Rivenspire
Army at the Gates17Stormhaven
The Jeweled Crown of Anton15Glenumbra
A Saint Asunder23Deshaan
To Tanzelwil5Auridon
A Poisoned Heart30Shadowfen
The Parley38Bangkorai
Bones of a Ghost16Sia Ebony Mine
Under Siege24Rivenspire
Healing Hearts23Deshaan
Torn Asunder37Eastmarch
Flipping the Coin22Grahtwood
False Accusations16Stormhaven
Trials of the Hero36Alik'r Desert
Restless Spirits22Deshaan
Threefold Folly26Shadowfen
A Letter for Deshaan15Deshaan
The Slavers16Stormhaven
The Miners' Lament15Glenumbra
The Poisoned Wellspring31Zehtswater Cave
In the Name of the Queen8Auridon