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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
Through the Ashes12Auridon
To Firsthold12Auridon
Rightful Inheritance15Auridon
The Jester's Joke15Auridon
To Dawnbreak11Auridon
To Mathiisen9Auridon
To Skywatch9Auridon
Missive to the Queen11Auridon
All the Fuss8Auridon
Spirited Away10Auridon
The Racer11Auridon
Assisting the Assistant11Auridon
Final Blows12Auridon
Repentant Son7Auridon
Lost Bet15Auridon
Take Me Home15Auridon
Silsailen Rescue5Auridon
Teldur's End5Auridon
Back to Skywatch15Auridon
Real Marines5Auridon
To Tanzelwil5Auridon
In the Name of the Queen8Auridon
The Serpent's Beacon5Auridon
The Mallari-Mora11Auridon
An Act of Kindness11Auridon
Rites of the Queen8Auridon
Corruption Stones8Auridon
Ensuring Security3Auridon
A Hostile Situation4Auridon
Unaccounted Crew4Auridon
Devotees of Knowledge7Apocrypha's Gate
Diadem of Stolen Memories7Apocrypha's Gate
Past in Ruins32Alik'r Desert
The Search is Over33Alik'r Desert
Past Due35Alik'r Desert
Amputating the Hand37Alik'r Desert
Restoring the Ansei Wards36Alik'r Desert
Tharayya's Trail32Alik'r Desert
Temple's Treasures37Alik'r Desert
Lady Laurent's Favor32Alik'r Desert
Trapped in the Bluffs36Alik'r Desert
Morwha's Curse33Alik'r Desert
Kingdom in Mourning37Alik'r Desert
The Initiation33Alik'r Desert
Word from the Throne32Alik'r Desert
Honoring the Dishonored36Alik'r Desert
Warship Designs33Alik'r Desert
Master of Leki's Blade35Alik'r Desert
Whose Wedding?35Alik'r Desert
Trouble at Tava's Blessing33Alik'r Desert