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Quest Name ▲ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
A Storm Broken11Stonefalls
A Step Back in Time10Glenumbra
A Spy in Shornhelm25Rivenspire
A Son's Promise5Crow's Wood
A Silken Garb17Grahtwood
A Service for the Dead21Deshaan
A Saint Asunder23Deshaan
A Royal Summons5
A Ritual in the Ragged Hills43The Rift
A Ritual in Smokefrost Peaks43The Rift
A Ritual in Camlorn10
A Right to Live34Eastmarch
A Reckoning with Uwafa34Alik'r Desert
A Ransom for Miranda20Stormhaven
A Prison of Sleep20Stormhaven
A Predator's Heart23Stormhaven
A Poisoned Heart30Shadowfen
A Plot of Portals10Farwatch Depths
A Pirate Parley26Shadowfen
A Pinch of Sugar4Khenarthi's Roost
A Past Remembered27Rivenspire
A Novel Idea36Malabal Tor
A Nord in Need32Malabal Tor
A Night to Forget40Reaper's March
A Mysterious Curio8Glenumbra
A Misplaced Pendant46Coldharbour
A Means to an End20Stormhaven
A Master's Last Request28Bangkorai
A Marriage in Ruins41Bangkorai
A Lucrative Scheme22Grahtwood
A Lucky Break28Rivenspire
A Look in the Mirror22Stormhaven
A Little on the Side16Grahtwood
A Lingering Hope11Glenumbra
A Life of Privilege26Shadowfen
A Letter for Deshaan15Deshaan
A Lasting Winter23Grahtwood
A Last Reminder25Shadowfen
A Hostile Situation4Auridon
A Higher Priority11Stonefalls
A Handful of Stolen Dreams41Bangkorai
A Graveyard of Ships49Coldharbour
A Grave Situation40The Rift
A Grave Matter37Bangkorai
A Gracious Welcome16
A Goblin's Affection10Stonefalls
A Giant in Smokefrost Peaks41The Rift
A Gathering of Guar15Stonefalls
A Gang of Thugs20Stormhaven
A Friend in Mead32Eastmarch