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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Legitimate Interests15Glenumbra
Lost Bet15Auridon
Menace On the Ridge15
Mists of Corruption15Glenumbra
Opening the Portal15Stonefalls
Proprietary Formula15Deshaan
Race For the Cure15Deshaan
Rightful Inheritance15Auridon
Sadal's Final Defeat15Stonefalls
Saving the Son15Stonefalls
Sever All Ties15Auridon
Simply Misplaced15Mage/Fighter Guild
Slay the Summoner15
Take Me Home15Auridon
Taking Precautions15Stonefalls
The Agreement15Sia Ebony Mine
The Dangerous Past15Mage/Fighter Guild
The End of Extortion15Glenumbra
The Jester's Joke15Auridon
The Jeweled Crown of Anton15Glenumbra
The Labyrinth15Glenumbra
The Miners' Lament15Glenumbra
The Shadow of Aldcroft15
The Shopkeeper's Son15
This One's a Classic15Stonefalls
To the Tormented Spire15Stonefalls
Vengeance for House Dres15Stonefalls
A Bitter Pill16Forgotten Crypts
A Dangerous Dream16Stormhaven
A Family Divided16Forgotten Crypts
A Gracious Welcome16
A Little on the Side16Grahtwood
Bones of a Ghost16Sia Ebony Mine
Can't Leave Without Her16Stormhaven
Captive Crewmembers16Stormhaven
Challenge the Tide16Deshaan
Defending Eagle's Watch16
Embracing the Darkness16
False Accusations16Stormhaven
Forever Bound16Grahtwood
Forgotten Soul16Root Sunder Ruins
Freeing the Hands16
If the Dead Could Talk16Root Sunder Ruins
In Pursuit of Gargast16
Intruders in Deshaan16Deshaan
Lighthouse Attack Plans16Stormhaven
Lost Treasures16Grahtwood
Luck of the Albatross16Grahtwood
New Recruits16
Passage Denied16Grahtwood