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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▼ Type ▼
Nothing Left to Waste18Deshaan
One Last Game18Stormhaven
Plague Bringer18Deshaan
Repairing the Cage18Bonesnap Ruins
Retaking Firebrand Keep18Stormhaven
That Which Matters Most18Deshaan
The Dungeon Delvers18Deshaan
The Flame of Dissent18Stormhaven
The Grip of Madness18Grahtwood
The Light Fantastic18Deshaan
The Safety of the Kingdom18Stormhaven
Tracking Sir Hughes18Stormhaven
Tracking the Plague18Deshaan
Waste of the Wood18
A Favor Returned19Deshaan
Azura's Guardian19Stormhaven
Blood Revenge19Stormhaven
Cultural Exchange19Deshaan
Dreams to Nightmares19Stormhaven
Eyes of Azura19Grahtwood
Fire in the Fields19Stormhaven
Fit to Rule19Grahtwood
Heart of the Matter19Grahtwood
Injured Spirit Wardens19Stormhaven
Message to Mournhold19Deshaan
Next of Kin19Stormhaven
Pursuing the Shard19Stormhaven
The Honor of the Queen19Grahtwood
The Mournhold Underground19Deshaan
Until Death19Grahtwood
Vengeance of the Oppressed19Deshaan
A Gang of Thugs20Stormhaven
A Means to an End20Stormhaven
A Prison of Sleep20Stormhaven
A Ransom for Miranda20Stormhaven
An Offering to Azura20Stormhaven
Ancient Remains20Elden HollowGroup Dungeon
Another Omen20Stormhaven
Carnival Conundrum20Grahtwood
Castle of the Worm20Castle of the WormMain Story
Choice Quest20
Do as I Say20Stormhaven
Lost and Found20
Mine All Mine20Darkshade CavernsGroup Dungeon
Phantom Guilt20Grahtwood
Rare Imports20Grahtwood
Rat in a Trap20Stormhaven
Remembering Risa20Deshaan
Revenge Against Rama20Stormhaven