Vvardenfell Skyshard Locations Added to Map

ESO Morrowind will be out soon, and the early access players are already getting to the island of Vvardenfell. We’ve spent part of our time with the beta collecting Vvardenfell skyshards – naturally, we’ve decided to add them to our interactive skyshard locations map.

vvardenfell skyshard locations added to map

There are 18 skyshards on Vvardenfell. Ten of them our outdoors, while the remaining eight are inside. When you collect them all, they’ll grant you 6 additional skill points – this is especially convenient if you’r starting a new character with the Warden class.

We presume a lot of players will be gunning for the skyshards first. After you’ve collected them, there’s other stuff to do – a bunch of new quests, a new trial, PvP battlegrounds – all sorts of things to keep you occupied.

If this is not your first visit to Morrowind, you’ll probably mostly be interested to see how things have changed. Or, more accurately, what they were like before. Since TESO takes place before TES3, you’ll notice a lot of not-so-subtle differences (slight spoilers ahead, obviously, stop reading if you want to go in blind). First of all, the Blight is yet to happen. This means the flora and fauna are much more varied, since a lot of species went extinxt during the plague. It also means half the island isn’t yet covered in ash. The Ghostgate garrison and the magical fence around Red Mountain are yet to be built.

Secondly, there’s no imperial presence yet, which is most noticable in the absence of two smaller towns you probably knew and loved – Caldera and Ebonheart. The foreign quarter in Vivec is being built as you arrive. It’s a thrilling ride, a way to visit the past iteration of an island so many of us have called home for a long time. The skyshards will only help guide your exploration, which is especially useful for new players.

We’ve also added the old DLC areas to our skyshard interactive map – Hew’s Bane, Gold Coast, Wrothgar and Imperial City. The map is now 100% complete, containing every single skyshard in the game.

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