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Grahtwood, Stormhaven, Deshaan Skyshards and more for final beta

final eso beta

We are several hours away from the last beta test of Elder Scrolls Online before the game launches in two weeks. We have been very busy preparing content and guides that we hope will make some of the tasks during this beta easier. Here’s a comprehensive list of new things you might find useful while exploring Tamriel during this beta weekend.

Grahtwood, Stormhaven and Deshaan will be playable this weekend. These are all level 16-23 zones for each of the factions and are seen for the first time in the beta. We prepared Skyshard location guides with screenshots and exact map locations for each of the zones.

We also updated our ESO Skill Calculator with new data and abilities. You can now pick skills for two different weapon sets. You get the ability to have two weapons sets at level 15 and you can pick and choose your skills in our calculator and assign them to weapon set one or two (W1 or W2) based on what play style each weapon set represents. We had several hundred builds submitted to the website so you might want to browse through those to see how other players are planning to build their characters. As an extra bonus we updated tooltips to show what bonus morphing a certain skill will provide. Look at the green text bellow a morph to help you decide easier which morph to choose.

Don’t forget to check out our Tips and Tricks article to learn some things that might help your game experience be more enjoyable.

We started compiling guides to help you find Treasure maps in the game and the first of those are Bleakrock Isle and Auridon Treasure Map guides. These maps are random drops from chests or mobs and they give you hints on finding a hidden treasure. These are fairly hard to find and spot so in order to help you we decided to compile guides for each zone and each treasure map.

We hope you enjoy this final beta weekend in Elder Scrolls Online and the content we prepared for you and hope to see you in Tamriel on April 4. 2014.

ESO Cyrodiil Skyshards

Cyrodiil is the main PvP map in Elder Scrolls Online, but as every zone in ESO it also contains Skyshards. There are 45 shards in Cyrodiil, fifteen for each faction. We have been hunting for these because they provide a great way to increase your skill points pool. They are separated by faction in your Achievements so we provided created guides for each faction, but you can collect all of them if you are lucky enough to avoid enemy players and defenses. Some of these Skyshards are well hidden or protected by very tough enemies so if you are planning on venturing into hostile territory or public dungeons you might consider bringing a few friends along. We managed to find almost all of them and you can find them at:

1. Cyrodiil Aldmeri Dominion Skyshards
2. Cyrodiil Daggerfall Covenant Skyshards
3. Cyrodiil Ebonheart Pact Skyshards

We managed to collect most of these solo, but those closest to faction’s home bases are impossible to get unless you are fully dominating the battlefield or have a raid coming along to claim the Skyshards. Even with that in mind you can collect a good number of shards and skill points by devoting some time to adventuring through Cyrodiil.

Quick Beta Key Giveaway

There is a lot of excitement about the upcoming Beta Stress Test weekend for the Elder Scrolls Online. This is contributed by the fact that Zenimax Online is aiming for this to be the biggest test they ever had, so they are inviting pretty much everyone that applied for the beta. Beyond that, there is also a giveaway of half a million beta keys on Curse. In case you are not a fan of Curse for whatever reason, or you want to get something for free from MMORPG Life we are doing a very quick, only six hour long, raffle giveaway. Use the widget bellow to enter the raffle and we’ll email the keys and instructions on how to redeem them in about six hours. Quick tip – leaving a comment will give you 2 raffle points, just in case you already are following us on Twitter or you liked our Facebook page. Good luck to everyone.
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Morrowind was the first Elder Scrolls game I played. Prior to that I did not play many RPG games, but a friend of mine highly suggested Morrowind so I tried it out. Several months later I was still playing Morrowind. Feeling of entering a massive, dynamic and vibrant fantasy world with its rules and secrets and hidden gems of adventure scattered all over the place is what I remember my sessions with the game as. I have spent many hours playing RPG games since, always looking for that feeling of traversing a fantasy world that Morrowind was so good at providing. I sometimes found it, but mostly I did not. Even Oblivion, the next game in the Elder Scrolls series did not provide me with that Morrowind feeling. It felt a little blend in comparison and I only played through the main storyline before moving onto other games. Luckily, Skyrim came out and brought back that whole enormous world feeling.

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