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Under Sea Keep’s Towering Fortifications Skyshard

The location of the Sea Keep is in western Summerset, east from the town of Lillandril and its wayshrine. You’ll find it north from the huge Alinor Docks.

As you approach the Keep by following the northern road, you’ll come in contact with a small camp first. This camp is set in front of the Sea Keep’s gate. This gate will be closed, and you won’t be able to open it from this side. Luckily for us, we don’t need to have it open. Behind this closed gate is a bridge that leads into the Keep.

Our goal is under the large Keep’s northern bridge – Under Sea Keep’s Towering Fortifications. Drop down from this peak, and find your way under the bridge. Although you can say this is somewhat well hidden, due to the fact that this area is not something you can picture yourself exploring, with the knowledge of its location you can now spot it without difficulty. The Sea Keep’s Skyshard is next to one of the two bridge pillars.

Among The Shanties In Karnwasten’s Cove Skyshard

Karnwasten’s Cove is a public dungeon located in northern Summerset. It has two entrances, one on each side of the Crystal Tower in this zone. The western entrance is a bit easier to find, as it is close to the road in this area, north from the closest Crystal Tower Wayshrine, Corgrad Wastes camp and more. The eastern entrance is located at the northernmost part of Summerset. There are no roads leading here, but there is one Wayshrine called Veyond Wyte, if you ever want to have a shortcut to this part of the map.

“The most rigid and hidebound societies conceal the most illicit activity just below the surface. If you have tariffs and duties, you also will have smugglers who evade them. If one squeezes hard on a bladder wine-sack, the wine must spurt out somewhere, yes?” – Razum-dar

If you are bound to enter the dungeon from the western entrance, you’ll go through a tunnel in a large boulder, and follow the path toward the dungeon entrance. There is an NPC called Renzir close to it, offering an additional dungeon challenge. There are some vines you have to interact with to enter the delve, not your usual doors.

As you enter Karnwasten, open the map. Somewhere near the center, you’ll spot the large beach area, where the main ship from the loading screen is located. Head toward this place, but be wary of the large number of enemies there. South from the large ship, near the coral pillar, you’ll find the Skyshard among the shanties.

High Above The Heart Of Sunhold Skyshard

Sunhold is a public dungeon in southwest Summerset. The fastest way to get there is to travel south from Shimmerene and follow the only road south, and toward the west. There are three wayshrines on your way down there, and the closest one is the Sunhold Wayshrine. Following the road, you’ll eventually pass the bridge and reach the entrance of the delve. This is the largest dungeon on the island, and it’s hard to miss.

The southern city of Sunhold serves as the home port of Summerset’s famed Dominion Navy. But with the High Elven fleets over the horizon fighting the Alliance War, Sunhold remains virtually unprotected.

As you enter the dungeon, pan your view toward the northwestern part of the city. There are two roads crossing each other. This is our goal, more specifically, the road that goes above the other one. To climb on it, you should aim for the road on the western part of the town. However, this is not that easy to perform if you are there solo. The large number of enemies, their abilities to root and stun, and the narrow roads, make this the toughest shard to reach.

When you reach this path, the one that forms an overpass, you should be careful about the two patrolling groups. Try to survive by beating one, or using whatever is at your disposal to avoid losing a filled shard. Once you are out of danger, pick up the Sunhold Skyshard, and enjoy the look from this peak. It is worth it.

Stuffed In A Barrel By Goblins In King Haven’s Pass Skyshard

King Haven’s Pass is in the northern part of Summerset. It has two entrances. One is west from the Cloudrest trail, north from Alinor Docks, and east from Lillandril town, with the closest Wayshrine being Ebon Stadmont. The second entrance is northeast from the previous one, close to the road west from King’s Haven Pass Wayshrine, north from yet another dungeon called Eton Nir Grotto. You should ignore this one.

As you get into the area where the western King Haven’s Pass entrance is, you’ll notice a small bridge. It takes you to the mountain, where a single torch illuminates the door. This is where you should proceed through, if you want to enter King Haven’s Pass.

Some say Goblins originated in Summerset, and some say the High Elves brought them here to serve as menials and slaves. They no longer perform those functions, but freed or escaped, Goblin tribes still thrive in the island’s loneliest corners.

While inside King’s Haven Pass, you’ll that one large road leads into a dead end, in the central part. This is our goal. If you’ve entered the dungeon from the western entrance, all you need to do is follow the path on your left. It will take you down the river, over a small bridge, past the waterfall, through yet another door that leads to Coral-Splitter Caves.

Stuffed in a Barrel by Goblins in King Haven’s Pass

Overlooking A Sun Kissed Path In Eton Nir Grotto Skyshard

Eton Nir Grotto is a solo dungeon, positioned in the northeastern part of Summerset. It is somewhere between Eldbur Ruins and its Wayshrine to the south, and King’s Haven pass and its Wayshrine to the north.

The entrance to the Elon Nir Grotto is a bit west from the road in this part of the map, a bit closer to the Cloudrest trail. Make a small detour from the road toward the mountain, and you’ll find it. It is well hidden, in a small mountain range hole, behind some wooden planks and vines.

The gleaming city of Cloudrest crowns the Eton Nir massif, the greatest mountain on Summerset Isle. But dark rumors say the mountain’s greatest treasures lie hidden in the caves beneath its stony foundations.

Once inside the dungeon, you’ll notice there are many holes in the ceiling, letting that sun shine upon parts of the cave. The one part we are after, is located in the western area of the cave. There is a small room between the ones on the north and south. Head there, and soon enough, you’ll see the area overlooking a sun kissed path and a Skyshard. Although there are many places like this, this kind of scenery always astounds me.

At The Mouth Of The Falls In Archon’s Grove Skyshard

Archon’s Grove is a solo dungeon, found in the southeastern portion of Summerset’s main island, just south from the Shimmerene town and its wayshrine, and also straight west from the Sil-Var-Woad Wayshrine.

If you pay attention to the map, you’ll see a single small lake in this area. Just west from this small body of water, you’ll find a small staircase with a couple of pillars, leading you into the mountain, and towards the Archon’s Grove entrance. Proceed through the door into the dungeon.

“Archon’s Grove? Indeed, that’s the site where the legendary poet Nenamil, Archon of Song, discovered and named the Rose-of-Archon, the flower precious to the Goddess Mara. It’s said to be southwest of Shimmerene somewhere.” – Inkeeper Vintenwen

As we go inside the dungeon, we should always keep the the left. As the path gets narrower, we come to the end of a river and the start of a waterfall. At the very edge of this waterfall, on top of a small rock, you’ll find the Archon’s Grove Skyshard location. Don’t miss the opportunity to pan your view upwards, and be amazed by the scenery.

In The Caverns Of Tor-Hame-Khard Skyshard

Tor-Hame-Khard is a solo dungeon found in the eastern central part of the main Summerset Island. It is just southwest from the Shimmerene town and its wayshrine, south from the Indrik Frolic world boss.

If you zoom in the map on this part of Summerset, you’ll notice there is a dead end road, following the river towards the mountain. It comes out of the circular path. If you follow this exact same path, toward the mountains, at one point you’ll notice some grand ruins, with a lot of stone pillars. The entrance to the solo dungeon is on the second floor, just past three of the fire braziers. There is a Captain Telomure quest giver at the door, giving you some extra experience points upon completion.

In Aldmeric, the name means Warlord’s Mountain Lair, as these vast halls were originally built in the early First Era for the legendary Prime Battlereeve Fiirfarya. One morning the estate’s entire populace was found slaughtered, and thereafter the site was abandoned.

The layout of the Tor-Hame-Khard dungeon can be a bit confusing at times. Our goal is to reach the southern part of the area, where the tunnels are. To do so, without too much wandering, keep to your right as you go inside the dungeon, until you reach the second floor. From there, you should continue toward the southeastern part, where the tunnels start. You can spot it from afar by its unusual shape that stands out from the rest of the dungeon. Go through this entrance, and head to the second large room. If you keep an eye on your right, you can spot the Tor-Hame-Khard Skyshard in the northern corner of the cave room, just next to the strange rock formation.

Near An Angler’s Favorite Fishing Spot In Wasten Coraldale Skyshard

Wasten Coraldale is a solo dungeon, found at the western shores of Summerset, north from Alinor, west from Alinor Docks, Cey-Tarn Keep and its Wayshrine.

Wasten Coraldale doesn’t have your typical delve entrance. Instead of the boring wooden doors, this time you’ll have to use a small boat on the shore. It is the only one close to the long dock, and it’s hard to miss. There is a Hiranesse NPC next to it, and she offers a delve related quest as well. Get to the boat, and press the appropriate button to travel to the island.

The offshore island of Wasten Coraldale – or Coridale, as the fisher folk call it – contains a wild honeycomb of tunnels and fertile grottoes where sea creatures of all sorts spawn and thrive. It’s heavily fished for that reason, despite its many dangers.

Once inside the delve, you’ll want to leave the starting tunnel. Keep going until you “see” the light. This is where you’ll spot a large ship in the distance. Keep going toward your left, until you reach the shore. At the corner of the beach, among many trees, close to the mountain edge, is where the Wasten Coraldale Skyshard lies.

Near an angler’s favorite fishing spot in Wasten Coraldale

Looming Over The Center Of The Traitor’s Vault Skyshard

To reach this skyshard, you need to progress with the first Summerset main quest, The Queen’s Decree. At one point in this quest, you’ll be able to reach the Artaeum map and its solo dungeon, called Traitor’s Vault.

If you’ve already completed the quest, you’ll need to get back to the Keep of the Eleven Forces, located just south from Shimmerene. This is where the portal to Artaeum is now unlocked. Go through it and head left – west shortly after. You’ll soon reach a part of the compound where a blue light illuminates the entrance to the Traitor’s Vault. Go through it.

Based on the quantity of moldering ruins on Artaeum, once there must have been many more Monks of the Psijic Order than are present today. This hall looks to have been abandoned more recently than most.

In the delve, follow the path to your right at all times. This path will take you to the top floor, and the ruined part of the pathway, where a Bone Colossus defends the Skyshard that is looming over the center of the Traitor’s Vault.

Looming over the center of the Traitor’s Vault

Beneath The Drainage Pipes Along The River Skyshard

The first shard on the list is found near the main bridge that takes us into the Brass Fortress, north from the main Clockwork Crossroads Wayshrine.

The river mentioned in the name is the one south from the Brass Fortress, with the two bridges on either side. If you are standing on a bridge, you’ll need to make a little effort, to go down to the lower level. The bridge is a lot higher than this ground level, where the river is, and you might consider not jumping off it. When you find yourself down there, you won’t have any problem finding the skill point piece. It is close to what I presume is the main source of the river’s strength, the town’s sewer exit. It is not the best looking location, but this is where the drainage pipe Skyshard is.