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In The Heart Of Crumbling Daedric Ruins Skyshard

In the heart of the ruins located in western Vvardenfell, in the area of interest marked as Ashalmimilkala on the map, west from the Balmora settlement and its wayshrine.

If you find yourself in this zone, you’ll spot two areas of interest close to each other. The southern one is Ashalmimilkala, while the one in the north is Aleft. They represent old Daedric ruins. Go toward the southern one.

If you approach it from the south, the skyshard’s glow will become noticeable as you are about to enter the ruins. There is a door on this side, with a frame shaped like a semi-circle. It is as if the idea was to combine the glow and the frame into a perfect shape.
A decent number of Vvardenfell skill points are located near the seashore. Not a coincidence, considering that the coastline is rather long.

In the ruins, close to the water.

On A Stranded Rock In A River Of Lava Skyshard

On a stranded rock located in northern Vvardenfell, just south from area of interest – Valenvaryon, between Urshilaku Camp Wayshrine (to the west) and Valley of the Wind Wayshrine (to the east).

The river of lava we are out for is part of the island’s northernmost lava formation. Even during the day, this area is dark. This comes as a plus when you’re searching for skyshards.

Head south from the northernmost area of interest. Soon enough, you’ll spot the river of lava and a couple of small islands on it. One of them is home to the skyshard. But try not to show your enthusiasm by jumping into the lava and swimming toward the main rock. I can confirm, thanks to events that transpired only to prove this point, that it will most likely cause death. Although it doesn’t look like it, I’ve been able to climb this rock on one side only – the west. Be sure not to repeat my mistake, and save one soul gem.

Beneath The Dwarven Bridge Skyshard

The Dwarven bridge we are out for is located in the northwestern corner of Vvardenfell. It’s in the zone marked as Yasammadin area of interest, north from Gnisis and its wayshrine.

This zone is probably the most densely-filled with roads. If you open up the map, look for a structure marking just east from the “eye” icon. This structure is a tall building, that is only reachable by a long bridge from the eastern side. The final outdoor skyshard is on its southern side, next to some metal pipe, close to one of the bridge pillars.

You’ll find the rest of the skyshards (numbers 11 through 18) indoors, in public and solo dungeons. The first ten were easy in terms of not fighting anyone to grab them, while the last eight are easy in terms of their locations being marked on the map as dungeons.

On A Treacherous Path Overlooking A Sea Of Fire Skyshard

The treacherous path mentioned in the name is found within the Nchuleftingth public dungeon. You’ll find the entrance just southeast from the Red Mountain (central volcano), just south from Nchuleftingth Wayshrine.

Strangely or not, you’ll only find this dungeon, its wayshrine and the Erabenimsun Camp forge to the south of this area. Not including the volcano, this is probably the area with the lowest point of interest density in the expansion. Follow the road south from the Wayshrine, and you’ll end up straight at the entrance. If you speak with Neramo, who stands near the front door, you can accept the dungeon quest called “The Heart’s Desire”.

While inside, you need to find the central room, the one that has a lot of lava and the metal platforms. In this area, called Nchuleftingth Lavaworks, climb toward the southwestern platform. There will be a group of enemies close by. You’ll need to defeat them in order to grab the shard. They are persistent and will not back down.

The shard’s glow shows up only when you come really close. If you were to search for it while on the other side of the room, you’d have difficulty spotting it. The platform where it lies is a natural formation, not built like the other metal platforms.

Nchuleftingth public dungeon Skyshard location.

Heaped Onto A Cart Of Stone Left On A Precarious Perch Skyshard

This one is stuffed inside another public dungeon called Forgotten Wastes. You’ll find its front door in northern Vvardenfell, just east from Valley of the Wind Wayshrine and a Zergonipal forge. This is probably the northernmost place of any interest, and it is hard to miss it while in the area.

The entrance to Forgotten Wastes is just next to the main road. You can’t really get lost here, as it is not as wide as you might think it is. The dungeon’s front door is part of a larger building, the one with high towers. In the southern part of the island we have mushrooms, and here we have this type of towers.

At the start of the dungeon, you can accept the quest “Echoes of a Fallen House” from Tythis Nirith. The first step guides you toward the second room, where we are headed. Just go south in the first dungeon area, and find the Caverns of Koguruhn.

The skyshard is inside the Caverns of Koguruhn, just north from the lava, on top of the higher level platform. There is a small wooden beam that leads to it, so be careful with the steps. You won’t be grateful for the fall, especially when you want the prize right away.

Nestled With Glittering Treasures Where The Red Crystals Glow Skyshard

To find this one, you’ll need to search for the red crystal glow inside one of the solo Vvardenfell dungeons. The specific one you want to aim for is called Khartag Point. It is located in the western part of the island, just southwest from the Ularra tower and West Gash Wayshrine.

Khartag Point entrance is approachable from the seashore side. It is hard to miss, as there is a small pier outside, and other small elements that point toward the human factor in the area. Find Nakhul nearby, he will give you the dungeon quest “A Smuggler’s Last Stand”.

As you enter the dungeon, keep to your right. Keep going this way, until you spot the second turn on your left. There is a long cave room, just before you reach the flooded area. There is a bright blue color coming from the crystals at its entrance. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll spot the red crystals, and their glow.

Hidden Deep Within A Shrine To The Price Of Corruption Skyshard

Hidden deep within the solo dungeon called Ashalmawia, in the northwestern zone of Morrowind, just west from the Urshilaku Camp and its wayshrine, north from Gnisis.

There is a large ruin just west from the Urshilaku Camp Wayshrine. Go up the stairs, and find a small passage that leads to the eastern side. This passage has a lot of pillars on the sides. It leads to the metal, round dungeon door. Go through them to enter the dungeon.

Head northeast from the dungeon’s entrance. There is a small map arrow pointing toward the second area. Proceed there, and inside the next zone, you’ll reach a small access corridor that leads to the southern side. It is found on the ground level, close to the water. Follow the path to the southernmost room. Defeat the Worm Cults who pray to the shard to acquire its power.

Where Cliff-striders Bask Under Golden Rays In Their Den Skyshard

It can be found basking in the golden rays of Zainsipilu solo dungeon. It is located in southwestern Vvardenfell, northwest from the starting city of Seyda Neen and its Wayshrine, southwest from Balmora.

Follow the southwesternmost path in this area. The entrance to the dungeon is approachable from the road. It’s a tiny wooden door, between the rocks, close to some medium sized mushrooms. The dungeon quest called “A Hidden Harvest” is given by Halinjirr just before the entrance. Although it won’t lead you toward the shard at the start, the additional experience is always nice.

If you are in the dungeon for the sole purpose of finding the skyshard, head to the northeastern part. On the ground level of the main central room, there is a waterfall that hides a passage behind it. Go through it, and get through the small tunnel.

The golden rays in this case are the sun’s radiance, just on top of the platform where the cliff striders dine. According to the bones, you were the lucky one.

On An Islet In The Subterranean Lake Skyshard

The subterranean lake mentioned in the name is found within the depths of a solo dungeon – Matus-Akin Egg Mine. It is found in the southeastern part of the main Morrowind island, northeast from Molag Mar and its Wayshrine, south from the Halls of Fabrication trial.

The dungeon’s front door is approachable from its eastern side. There is a wooden path that leads toward what feels like an abandoned mine. You can’t see it if you come from the nearby road, as it is hidden behind the hill. It turns out that this is a mine, where you can produce an abundance of valuable kwama eggs. If you talk with Ridena Devani in front of the entrance, she can give you the dungeon quest “A Dangerous Breed”.

There is one large dungeon room, with water in it. Head to it – it is located in the southern cave area, on a small plateau in the center of the pond. Watch out for the fall, as this part of the cave is on a slightly lower level than the rest of it. There are no enemies near it, but there are plenty of them on your way there. Some would say even surprisingly more than you would expect in a solo dungeon.

Matus-Akin Egg Mine Skyshard Location

In A Cozy Bandit’s Den Skyshard

The cozy bandit’s den we are after is located in the northeastern part of the main island. It is located between the Falensarano Ruins area of interest (to the south) and Dubdil Alara Tower (to the north), just south from Tel Mora and its Wayshrine.

If you take the main road in this zone, the one that follows the eastern side of Red Mountain, you’ll end up passing by the dungeon’s entrance. There is a small wooden door in the rather large boulder, just next to some boxes, close to the main road. This is where you need to go, to find and talk to Bulag Idolus as a part of the main quest. Bulag is found on the first large platform, close to the entrance. During the first interaction with her, you’ll choose her fate. You can either spare her life or kill her.

While in the Bandit’s Cave, we need to find a cozy part of it. This small portion is located in the northern part of the delve, not including the front entrance tunnel. While inside, keep to your left all the time. You should spot it after the first crossroad, several steps further inside, on your left side. The cozy part becomes immediately recognizable. The owner of this spot has decent taste, and it feels like the most fun part of the cave.