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Quest Name ▼ Level ▼ Zone ▲ Type ▼
Light from the Darkness46Coldharbour
The Army of Meridia48Coldharbour
The Soul-Meld Mage46Coldharbour
Vanus Unleashed47Coldharbour
Hall of Judgment46Coldharbour
An Unusual Circumstance45Coldharbour
Special Blend47Coldharbour
A Graveyard of Ships49Coldharbour
Through the Daedric Lens44Coldharbour
The Library of Dusk44Coldharbour
The Endless War47Coldharbour
Between Blood and Bone49Coldharbour
The Shadow's Embrace45Coldharbour
A Thorn in Your Side47Coldharbour
The Will of the Worm47Coldharbour
A Bargain With Shadows47Coldharbour
Wisdom of the Ages46Coldharbour
Old Bones48Coldharbour
Crossing the Chasm48Coldharbour
Truth, Lies, and Prisoners44Coldharbour
The Harvest Heart49Coldharbour
Into the Woods45Coldharbour
Breaking the Shackle48Coldharbour
The Lost Lute44Coldharbour
A Misplaced Pendant46Coldharbour
The Anguish Gem49Coldharbour
Saving Stibbons45Coldharbour
What the Heart Wants49Coldharbour
The Final Assault50Coldharbour
The Citadel Must Fall50Coldharbour
News of Fallen Kin46Coldharbour
Escape Coldharbour1Coldharbour
Razor's Edge28City of AshGroup Dungeon
Castle of the Worm20Castle of the WormMain Story
Lost Lions18Bonesnap Ruins
Repairing the Cage18Bonesnap Ruins
Scion of the Blood Matron38Blood Matron's Crypt
Fires of Battle40Blessed CrucibleGroup Dungeon
Tracking the Game4Bleakrock Isle
Underfoot4Bleakrock Isle
Hozzin's Folly4Bleakrock Isle
Dangerous Webs4Bleakrock Isle
A Beginning at Bleakrock4Bleakrock Isle
Escape from Bleakrock5Bleakrock Isle
What Waits Beneath4Bleakrock Isle
The Frozen Man4Bleakrock Isle
At Frost's Edge4Bleakrock Isle
Lost on Bleakrock4Bleakrock Isle
Sparking the Flame4Bleakrock Isle